Who we are

WeRHere (We are High Educated Refugee Employee) is a social entrepreneurship project initiated in 2019 for the refugees and migrants in the Netherlands with high levels of education. The project aims to support refugees and migrants to better integrate into the society. WeRHere assist them to utilize their diplomas and former job experiences and provide them with job and internship opportunities to navigate new carrier paths.

Is WeRHere right for you?

If you are a refugee with higher education, WeRHERE (We are High Educated Refugee Employee) is exactly for you. Holding a residence permit in the Netherlands or other European countries or having a decent possibility to obtain the residence permit makes you a potential candidate for our activities. Once you sign up and upload your CV, you will become a member of WERHERE family. By doing so, we can support you to expand your business network and increase your potential job opportunities. We can provide you information about the forthcoming events relevant to your profession and education background to help you to take further steps to access job opportunities. Also, we organize training if you are willing to change your career path.

What WeRHere do?

  • Through collective labor agreements with the employers we aim to provide you with job and internship opportunities.
  • We can provide you with sectorial training and courses together with the companies among our solution partners. It offers a great opportunity for those who are ambitious to rearrange their career paths and to advance in their professions.
  • In addition, we can guide you on how to deal with some necessary requirements for getting a job, such as preparing your professional CV(resume), building up your personal LinkedIn page and so on.
  • We also give consultations to better understand and integrate into Dutch society.