Sectoral Education

We provide educational support to the refugees willing to make a career shift and have a new profession. Together with our partner organizations and institutions we organize sectoral trainings and courses aiming job and internship opportunities.


Perspective Seminars

The training is composed of 4 seminars and it aims to train refugees for better integration into Dutch society.

  • Understanding the Cultural Differences as per the Hofstede Model:

    The training is based on the worldwide accepted Hofstede Model and it helps the newcomers to understand and internalize the differences between their culture and the Dutch culture

  • A Historical Perspective on the Attitudes towards Religion and Religious People in the Netherlands:

    The training contains the transformation of the Netherlands in terms of religion and religiousness and its effects on contemporary society.

  • Business Perspective and Social Participation:

    The training answers the following questions: How to prepare an effective and distinctive resume? How to write a motivation letter which stands you out among applicants? What is the difference between an internship and voluntary work?

  • • Education System in the Netherlands:

    The training informs the newcomers of the education system in the Netherlands and helps them to choose the most convenient education for themselves or their children.

The training is free and can be organized if demanded. The participation of 10 adult person is a pre-condition to organize the event. The training has been held in 8 different locations with the participation of 150 people so far.